MultiSCOPE: Disambiguating In-Hand Object Poses with Proprioception and Tactile Feedback

Andrea Sipos
University of Michigan
Nima Fazeli
University of Michigan
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Nominated for Best Student Paper

Session 10. Robot Perception

Poster Session Thursday, July 13

Poster 14

Abstract: In this paper, we propose a method for estimating in-hand object poses using proprioception and tactile feedback from a bimanual robotic system. Our method addresses the problem of reducing pose uncertainty through a sequence of frictional contact interactions between the grasped objects. As part of our method, we propose 1) a tool segmentation routine that facilitates contact location and object pose estimation, 2) a loss that allows reasoning over solution consistency between interactions, and 3) a loss to promote converging to object poses and contact locations that explain the external force-torque experienced by each arm. We demonstrate the efficacy of our method in a task-based demonstration both in simulation and on a real-world bimanual platform and show significant improvement in object pose estimation over single interactions.