Distributed Hierarchical Distribution Control for Very-Large-Scale Clustered Multi-Agent Systems

Augustinos D Saravanos
Georgia Tech
Yihui Li
Georgia Tech
Evangelos Theodorou
Georgia Tech
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Session 14. Multi-Robot and Aerial Systems

Poster Session Friday, July 14

Poster 14

Abstract: As the scale and complexity of multi-agent robotic systems are subject to a continuous increase, this paper considers a class of systems labeled as Very-Large-Scale Multi-Agent Systems (VLMAS) with dimensionality that can scale up to the order of millions of agents. In particular, we consider the problem of steering the state distributions of all agents of a VLMAS to prescribed target distributions while satisfying probabilistic safety guarantees. Based on the key assumption that such systems often admit a multi-level hierarchical clustered structure - where the agents are organized into cliques of different levels - we associate the control of such cliques with the control of distributions, and introduce the Distributed Hierarchical Distribution Control (DHDC) framework. The proposed approach consists of two sub-frameworks. The first one, Distributed Hierarchical Distribution Estimation (DHDE), is a bottom-up hierarchical decentralized algorithm which links the initial and target configurations of the cliques of all levels with suitable Gaussian distributions. The second part, Distributed Hierarchical Distribution Steering (DHDS), is a top-down hierarchical distributed method that steers the distributions of all cliques and agents from the initial to the targets ones assigned by DHDE. Simulation results that scale up to two million agents demonstrate the effectiveness and scalability of the proposed framework. The increased computational efficiency and safety performance of DHDC against related methods is also illustrated. The results of this work indicate the importance of hierarchical distribution control approaches towards achieving safe and scalable solutions for the control of VLMAS.