Rotating without Seeing: Towards In-hand Dexterity through Touch

Zhao-Heng Yin
Binghao Huang
University of California San Diego
Yuzhe Qin
University of California San Diego
Qifeng Chen
Xiaolong Wang
University of California San Diego
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Session 5. Simulation and Sim2Real

Poster Session Wednesday, July 12

Poster 4

Abstract: Tactile information plays a critical role in human dexterity. It reveals useful contact information that may not be inferred directly from vision. In fact, humans can even perform in-hand dexterous manipulation without using vision. Can we enable the same ability for the multi-finger robot hand? In this paper, we propose to perform in-hand object rotation using only touching without seeing the object. Instead of relying on precise tactile sensing in a small region, we introduce a new system design using dense binary force sensors (touch or no touch) overlaying one side of the whole robot hand (palm, finger links, fingertips). Such a design is low-cost, giving a larger coverage of the object, and minimizing the Sim2Real gap at the same time. We train an in-hand rotation policy using Reinforcement Learning on diverse objects in simulation. Relying on touch-only sensing, we can directly deploy the policy in a real robot hand and rotate novel objects that are not presented in training. Extensive ablations are performed on how tactile information help in-hand manipulation.