DexPBT: Scaling up Dexterous Manipulation for Hand-Arm Systems with Population Based Training

Aleksei Petrenko
University of Southern California
Arthur Allshire
University of Toronto
Gavriel State
Ankur Handa
Viktor Makoviychuk
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Paper ID 37

Session 5. Simulation and Sim2Real

Poster Session Wednesday, July 12

Poster 5

Abstract: In this work, we propose algorithms and methods that enable learning dexterous object manipulation using simulated one- or two-armed robots equipped with multi-fingered hand end-effectors. Using a parallel GPU-accelerated physics simulator (Isaac Gym), we implement challenging tasks for these robots, including regrasping, grasp-and-throw, and object reorientation. To solve these problems we introduce a decentralized Population-Based Training (PBT) algorithm that allows us to massively amplify the exploration capabilities of deep reinforcement learning. We find that this method significantly outperforms regular end-to-end learning and is able to discover robust control policies in challenging tasks. Video demonstrations of learned behaviors and the code can be found at