Mobility accessibility

Please find here the Columbia campus plan annotated with accessibility information. Additional information can be found on Columbia’s Accessibility page. Note that the plenary sessions will be held in Lerner Hall, the welcome reception will be held in the Low Library, and the workshops will be held in the Mudd and Schapiro CEPSR buildings. All of these are indicated on the Columbia plan as wheelchair accessible.

Unfortunately, the subway station that serves the Columbia campus is not wheelchair accessible. However, NYC information indicates that all NYC city buses allow wheelchair travel. Our campus is directly served by multiple buses, including M4, M104 and M60. There are multiple hotels along the routes of these buses, some of which might provide accessibility services. Beyond these specific routes, if changing buses even once, most of Manhattan can be reached. However, please keep in mind that NYC buses tend to run often but very slowly, so make sure to check travel times to Columbia from your chosen hotel. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact the Local Arrangements Chairs directly via email so we can brainstorm solutions together.

Hearing accessibility

Live captions will be provided by an interpreter and will be available on the web [URL TBD]. On-screen captioning will be provided on the Zoom webinar, but will not be available on the Youtube Live link. Transcripts will be provided on YouTube recordings.