Workshops will take place across two days of the conference on June 27 and July 1, 2022.

Each workshop is organized as a semi-independent event, and has a unique schedule reflecting the planned activities, constraints and preferences of the organizers. Please check the workshop websites for more details on their particular schedules.


Monday, June 27

ID Location Title Organizers
W2 414 CEPSR   Poster space:
CS Lounge
9:00 am - 1:30 pm
Overlooked Aspects of Imitation Learning: Systems, Data, Tasks, and Beyond Danfei Xu
Ajay Mandlekar
Dorsa Sadigh
W4 750 CEPSR   Scaling Robot Learning Oier Mees
Andy Zeng
Wolfram Burgard
W5 1127 Mudd   Risk Aware Decision Making: From Optimal Control to RL Bilal Hammoud
Kevin Smith
Sarah Bechtle
W9 545 Mudd   Poster space:
CS Lounge
2:00 - 6:00 pm
Workshop on Learning from Diverse, Offline Data Siddharth Karamcheti
Suraj Nair
Dhruv Shah
W11 1024 Mudd   Workshop on Variable Impedance Robotic Skills: From the Foundations to the Current Challenges and Perspectives Thiago Boaventura
Fares Abu-Dakka
Matteo Saveriano
W12 451 CSB   3rd Workshop on Closing the Reality Gap in Sim2Real Transfer for Robotics Florian Golemo
Melissa Mozifian
Kostas Bekris


Friday, July 1

ID Location Title Organizers
W1 825 Mudd   Close-Proximity Human-Robot Collaboration: Challenges and Opportunities Alessandro Roncone
Tariq Iqbal
Chien-Ming Huang
W3 414 CEPSR   Mind the Gap: Opportunities and Challenges in the Transition Between Research and Industry Brian Plancher
Sarah Tang
Sabrina M. Neuman
W6 451 CSB   Poster space:
CS Lounge
9:00 am - noon
The Science of Bumping Into Things: Towards Robots That Aren’t Afraid of Contact Aaron Johnson
Michael Posa
Hannah Stuart
W7 524 Mudd   Poster space:
CS Lounge
1:00 - 4:00 pm
Differentiable Simulation For Robotics Andrew Spielberg
Kelsey Allen
Kevin A. Smith
W8 545 Mudd   Poster space:
CS Lounge
4:00 - 6:00 pm
Workshop on Social Intelligence in Humans and Robots Tianmin Shu
Xavier Puig
Shari Liu
W10 412 CEPSR   Robot Learning in the Cloud: Remote Operations and Benchmarking Victoria Dean
Sudeep Dasari
Chelsea Finn
W13 1024 Mudd   Envisioning an Infrastructure for Multi-Robot and Collaborative Autonomy Testing and Evaluation Nare Karapetyan
Pratap Tokekar
Jeffrey Herrmann
W14 750 CEPSR   Implicit Representations for Robotic Manipulation Danny Driess
Yunzhu Li
Shreyas Kousik
W15 1127 Mudd   Toward Robot Avatars: Perspectives on the ANA Avatar XPRIZE Competition Sven Behnke
Paul Oh
Taskin Padir