Note: The Conference Banquet is sold out. Any new registrations are not guaranteed a banquet ticket.

Please make sure to review our Covid-19 policies before registering for in-person attendance.

Please register on PheedLoop using this link.

The registration costs are as follows:

Registration type       Early
April 11-28
April 29-June 2
After June 3, 2022
Industry 700 900 1200
Academic 500 630 780
Student 285 385 485
Student + dorm 775 875 975
Virtual 40
Workshop Only 150 200 250

The registration costs shown above are in US dollars ($). Conference registration, both in-person and virtual, includes workshops. Contact Florian Shkurti ( if you encounter problems.

RSS attendees who are required to apply for a U.S. visa will need to fill this form after they register at RSS. Organizers will reach out to you with a signed invitation letter, which you can use to support your U.S. visa application.

We have reserved a number of beds in dorm-style rooms in the Columbia University dorm system. These must be reserved for the entire duration of the conference (6 nights, 6/26-7/2). The total cost for this duration will be $490. Please note that a majority of these beds will be in double-occupancy rooms (single-gender). These rooms will be within a short walking distance of Columbia’s Morningside campus, where the conference will take place.